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The Aquifer Protection Agency (APA) regulates certain high-risk land uses that occur within the defined Aquifer Protection Area that contributes water to the city's public drinking water supply wells. The agency protects the city's drinking water supply by requiring best management practices are used for these high-risk uses and minimizing the chances of contamination of our valuable drinking water.

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Alexis Cherichetti
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Norwalk Code 17
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Member List

Member Party Term App. Reapp. Alt District
1 photo BRYCE, CHAPIN D 1/1/2027 12/12/2023 A
2 photo JORDAN-BYRON, JACQUEN D 1/1/2025 9/13/2022 B
3 photo KANTOR, NICHOLAS D 1/1/2027 12/12/2023 C
4 photo LANGALIS, TAMSEN (TAMMY) R 1/1/2026 1/10/2023 E
5 photo MUSHAK, MICHAEL D 1/1/2024 12/14/2021 B
6 photo PACHAS, HECTOR D 1/1/2027 12/12/2023 A
7 photo ROINA, R. RICHARD R 1/1/2025 12/14/2021 D
8 photo SCHULMAN, LOUIS U 1/1/2025 12/14/2021 D
9 photo TABACHNECK, ANA D 1/1/2025 1/10/2023 C
10 photo WELLS, GALEN D 1/1/2027 12/12/2023 E
11 photo WILLIAMS, DARIUS D 1/1/2026 1/10/2023 D
Last Updated: 5/29/2024 3:07 PM

The Aquifer Protection Agency members serve concurrently as Zoning Commissioners. All members are appointed by the mayor with the approval of the Common Council.

They are also responsible for:

There are seven regular members and three alternate members. The membership and term of office is further specified in the Code of the City of Norwalk, Chapter 79, Article II. 

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6/5/2024 5:30 PM AQUIFER PROTECTION AGENCY Link Link Link

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