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The Norwalk Board of Health is a group of 6 appointed members – all residents of Norwalk – focused on the prevention of disease and the promotion and protection of health and wellness across the City of Norwalk. They advise the Health Department on its policies, programs, and projects, ensuring that Norwalk maintains accreditation with the Public Health Accreditation Board and continues to commit to best practices. They also oversee the development and enforcement of local ordinances regulating the preservation of public health.

Meeting Location
Zoom Only
Regular 6
Alternate 0
Staff Person
Deanna D'Amore
Meeting Time
4th Tuesday of the Month at 08:00 AM
3 years Reg.
Nwlk. Code 57-4
Appointed By
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Member List

Member Party Term App. Reapp. Alt Address District
1 photo KARPIAK, JANET U 12/1/2024 2/28/2023 58 LEDGEBROOK DRIVE NORWALK CT 06854
2 photo LALIME, KENNETH U 12/1/2025 2/28/2023 137 PARTRICK AVENUE NORWALK CT 06851
3 photo MCNIEL, JOAN D 12/1/2024 10/25/2022 19 LINDEN HEIGHTS NORWALK CT 06851
4 photo QUELL, THERESA R 12/1/2025 2/28/2023 3 KAREN DRIVE NORWALK CT 06851
5 photo WEINBERGER, MD, NORMAN D 12/1/2023 2/9/2021 3 INWOOD ROAD NORWALK CT 06850
6 photo VACANT, VACANT 12/1/2022 12/10/2019
Last Updated: 3/1/2023 10:37 AM

Recent Meetings

Time Meeting Agenda Minutes Youtube
6/27/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH Link Link Link
7/25/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH Link Link Link
8/22/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH Link Link Link
9/26/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH Link Link Link
10/24/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH Link Link Link
11/28/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH Link Link

Upcoming Meetings

Time Meeting Agenda Dial In# Webinar ID Password Zoom Youtube Live
12/19/2023 8:00 AM BOARD OF HEALTH 646 558 8656 912 1844 6672 965432 Link

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